Where to start in Membership?

Welcome to membership! 

When you first log in it can be a daunting task with all the content. Here are a few tips on where to start.

1. Soon you will be getting is a copy of the BluePrint manual in your resource pack in the mail. It’s the latest manual that goes with the most recent edition of the BluePrint video filmed at the conference. When we release the next version of BluePrint in November, you will also be sent a physical copy of the updated manual.

2. Download the Josh Phegan Membership App (now available in the App Store and Google Play). It’s where you can get the latest content to stream or download so you can listen to everything on the go.

3. Save the Membership login to your bookmarks for easy reference (www.membership.joshphegan.com.au)

4. Set up your targets under "Manage" >> Targets in the main menu.

5. Finally, make sure you check out our FAQ’s and Help Videos in the main menu. We have some helpful screenshots and videos to help make the onboarding process easier.

We’re here to help and want to make sure you love being a member. Make sure you submit any questions through the site, or membership@joshphegan.com.au

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