Managing Performance Reports

Easily view and access your performance reports with all your key stats including Appraisals, Listings and Sales as well as average sales price, fee and percent as well as other vital stats like days on markets. 

View your Performance Reports by selecting the option in the main menu.

These reports also show an overview of your soft KPI’s including calls, connects and appointments as well as how you’re tracking in the Josh Phegan membership courses. If you're a Team Manager you can view your team or office performance reports to for any given time period.

Use the drop-down filters to select the time period you wish to view. *Group Managers have the option to also filter by the office and specific agent

We also have "Download as PDF" feature to allow you to download and print your reports. Make sure to select the correct time period using the drop-down menus.

A recent update also includes Audio Content usage. By selecting "View Tracks" you can see what specific tracks have been listened too (they will be marked by purple check) or you can just view the % until the title image.

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